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The Grey Factor:   

The wisdom, knowledge, and know-how acquired through decades of training and first hand experience.

Through the years it’s been my privilege to learn from some great leaders, coaches and organizations. These collective experiences have allowed me to acquire a wide knowledge and subject matter expertise in the disciplines of sales and marketing.  


Now it’s my turn to share what’s I’ve learned to help others build the strategies, teams and resources they need to win in the marketplace. 

The Grey Factor Knowledge Stack

Retail Sales Development & Playbooks

B2B Sales Development & Playbooks

Strategy Development & Execution

Creative Audio-Visual Messaging

Traditional Media Advertising

Performance Management

Digital Media Advertising

Leadership Development

Brand Development

Event Planning

Blue Smoke

Each and every one of us is the sum of our life’s experience.  These experiences inform our beliefs, train our minds and empower our actions.   Here’s a brief list of some of the fun, challenging and even exacerbating experiences I learned from:

Boise State University        Student Director of Programs

This student body position allowed me to organize and execute on campus events, movies, lectures and concerts for the entire student body at Boise State.  We set revenue records with the quality and number of our events. 


Sundance Radio Broadcasting      KIDO & KIDQ Radio

Started my broadcasting career with one cheap suit and an ugly old Chevy.  Worked hard, set some sales records to ultimately become the local sales manager.  Radio was king then and the cassette was considered high-tech.  This experience taught me how to overcome my own fears and how to succeed with hard work and determination.


Retlaw Television Broadcasting   KBCI CBS Television

Left radio for the rigors of television where I was the first local salesperson to bill over a million dollars, a strong number in those days.   Eventually became the local sales manager.  Here I learned how powerful a great brand can be and the importance of team.


The Idaho Advertiser:   

Co-lead the start –up of this advertising tabloid that was distributed to 100,000 households each week. It was Idaho’s first real alternative to daily newspaper display and classifieds.  This enterprise was a great success until we entered into a very competitive battle with Gannett’s Idaho Statesman.  The deeper pockets won.  Lesson: sometimes you can be right and still lose.


Centaur Creative Media

Founded one of Idaho’s largest traditional advertising agencies exclusively focused on SMB’s.  As the name implies we did some really great creative work in those days and help companies of all types increase their profits.


Snake River Stampede & Caldwell Night Rodeos

Totally raised the revenue bar for both these great events by designing and implementing a comprehensive sales and marketing program.  Talk about the new normal, we set revenue and attendance records that remain unmatched. Some of the programs we implemented are still functioning today. 

Political Campaigns in Idaho

I have enjoyed some of my most powerful learning moments helping to conduct three campaigns for the 1st Congressional District in Idaho. Candidates included Helen Chenoweth, Bill Sali and Raul Labrador.  I gained a lot of respect for the men and women who run for Congress; they get pressure from all side and all at once.

Utahan's for Wildlife and Heritage

My agency handled the media placement and messaging for this campaign that successfully sought to amend the Utah State Constitution in order to require a 2/3 majority for successful passage of ballot measures.  This was a preemptive action taken by  Utah Sportsman and the NRA to stop anti-hunting measures in the state. 

If you are tired of mediocre results and profits let’s have a conversation. It might not change a thing…but it has a chance to change everything!

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