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Playing to Win

Blue Smoke

 In today’s hyper-competitive landscape it is very difficult to build a successful business without a well-developed how-to-win

strategy in place.  According to David Collis and Michael Rukstad, in 'Can You Say What Your Strategy Is? ':

Most executives cannot articulate the objective, scope and advantage of their business in a simple statement”.

Without clear business strategies we waste resources, stifle productivity, create employee dissatisfaction and generally get in the way of our company’s ability to win in the marketplace.  Given this knowledge gap, it’s not at all difficult to imagine why so many businesses struggle to achieve real and lasting success.

Guiding my clients through a proven strategy development process specifically designed to build to game plans that can win is my most rewarding work. 

Make no mistake though, strategy formation is tough business and it requires a level of sustained rigor and organizational self-examination few businesses are willing to embrace.  Change is hard; yet, for the brave souls willing to learn I offer five powerful questions to help you begin your strategy development journey2:


  • What is your winning strategy in 35-50 words?


  • Where are going to compete?


  • How are you going to win?


  • What capabilities will you need?


  • What management system must you have?

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